Training lego serious play

Lego Serious Play (LSP) is a facilitation methodology developed by the Lego Group. It uses Lego bricks for a hands-on, interactive approach to problem-solving, communication, and team building. The methodology is often employed in business settings to enhance creativity and collaboration. If you’re interested in facilitating Training lego serious play sessions, here are some steps you can consider:

Understand the Basics: Training lego serious play

  • Familiarize yourself with the core principles of Lego Serious Play. Understand how it differs from traditional brainstorming and problem-solving techniques.

Attend Training Workshops: Training lego serious play

  • Consider attending official Lego Serious Play training workshops. These workshops are often provided by certified facilitators and trainers. They will guide you through the methodology, its principles, and various applications.

Practice Sessions:

  • Training lego serious play Practice facilitating Lego Serious Play sessions with small groups to gain experience. This will help you refine your skills and become comfortable with the methodology.

Read Relevant Material:

  • Training lego serious play There are books and articles available that delve into the theory and practice of Lego Serious Play. Reading these materials can provide additional insights and tips.

Build Your Lego Set:

  • As a facilitator, you may need to invest in a sufficient quantity and variety of Lego bricks. Having a well-organized set of bricks is essential for facilitating effective sessions.

Customize for Your Audience:

  • Adapt the Lego Serious Play methodology to suit the specific needs and goals of your audience. Whether you are working with a business team, educational group, or community organization, tailor the sessions accordingly.

Connect with the Community:

  • Join online forums, social media groups, or local meetups related to Lego Serious Play. Networking with other facilitators can provide valuable insights and support.

Stay Updated:

  • Keep yourself informed about updates and new developments in Lego Serious Play. The methodology may evolve, and staying current will enhance your effectiveness as a facilitator.

Collect Feedback:

  • After each session, gather feedback from participants. This will help you refine your approach and improve future sessions.

Build a Portfolio:

  • As you gain experience, build a portfolio of your Lego Serious Play sessions. This can be useful for showcasing your expertise to potential clients or employers.

Remember, effective facilitation involves not just understanding the Lego Serious Play methodology but also having strong facilitation skills, active listening abilities, and the capacity to adapt to the needs of the group you are working with.
Training lego serious play lsp

Training to become a Training lego serious play lsp (LSP) facilitator typically involves attending a certified training program. The Lego Group has a network of certified trainers who provide workshops and training sessions on how to effectively use the LSP methodology. Here are the general steps you can take to receive LSP training:

Check the Lego Serious Play Website: Training lego serious play lsp

  • Visit the official Training lego serious play lsp website to find information about certified trainers and upcoming training sessions. The Lego Group maintains a list of certified facilitators and the training programs they offer.

Select a Certified Trainer: Training lego serious play lsp

  • Choose a certified trainer who offers LSP Training lego serious play lsp that aligns with your needs and schedule. Look for trainers with positive reviews and a good reputation within the LSP community.

Register for a Workshop:

  • Enroll in a Training lego serious play lsp workshop or training session conducted by a certified trainer. Workshops may vary in length, ranging from a one-day introduction to multi-day, in-depth training.

Participate in the Training:

  • Attend the training program and actively participate in the hands-on activities and discussions. Lego Serious Play training is experiential, with participants using Lego bricks to explore and express ideas.

Receive Certification:

  • Upon successful completion of the training program, you may receive a certificate acknowledging your status as a trained LSP facilitator. This certification is often provided by the certified trainer or may be endorsed by the Lego Group.

Practice and Gain Experience:

  • After completing the training, practice facilitating LSP sessions to gain experience. This can be done with colleagues, friends, or within a professional setting. The more you practice, the more comfortable and effective you’ll become as a facilitator.

Connect with the LSP Community:

  • Join online forums, social media groups, or attend conferences related to Lego Serious Play. Networking with other facilitators can provide ongoing support, insights, and opportunities for collaboration.

Stay Updated:

  • Keep yourself informed about updates and developments in the field of Lego Serious Play. The methodology may evolve, and staying current will enhance your ability to deliver impactful sessions.

Remember that becoming a skilled LSP facilitator involves not only understanding the methodology but also developing strong facilitation and communication skills. The experiential nature of Lego Serious Play requires facilitators to be adaptable and responsive to the needs of the participants.
Lego Serious Play certification online

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the official Lego Serious Play certification online (LSP) facilitator certification process typically involved in-person training sessions conducted by certified trainers. These trainers are authorized by the Lego Group to deliver LSP training.

However, the landscape of professional training, especially with the impact of global events, has been changing rapidly. Some organizations and trainers may have adapted to offer online certification or training programs for Lego Serious Play certification online.

To find the most up-to-date information on online Lego Serious Play certification, I recommend checking the following sources:

Official Lego Serious Play Website: Lego Serious Play certification online

  • Visit the official Lego Serious Play certification online website for information on certified trainers and any updates on certification programs. The Lego Group periodically updates its information, so check for any changes or new offerings.

Certified Trainers and Organizations: Lego Serious Play certification online

  • Explore the websites or contact certified LSP trainers and organizations directly. They may provide details on whether they offer online certification programs, especially considering the potential changes in training formats.

Professional Development Platforms:

  • Check professional development platforms and online learning websites for courses related to Lego Serious Play. Some trainers may have partnered with online learning platforms to offer remote training.

LSP Community Forums and Networks:

  • Engage with the Lego Serious Play community through forums, social media groups, or professional networks. Members of the community may share information about online certification opportunities or experiences with remote training.

Contact Trainers Directly:

  • If you have a specific certified trainer in mind, reach out to them directly. They can provide the most accurate and current information about their training offerings, including any online options.

Keep in mind that the availability of online certification may vary, and the best way to get accurate and current information is to directly contact the relevant parties or check the official sources associated with Lego Serious Play certification online training.





Lego® Serious Play® adalah cara membangun bisnis yang lebih baik; Didesain untuk meningkatkan kemampuan inovasi dan performa bisnis. Riset menunjukan bahwa setiap pembelajaran yang langsung dapat dirasakan dan dialami menghasilkan pengetahuan yang lebih mendalam. Metodologi memperdalam proses refleksi dan mendukung dialog yang efektif untuk semua orang di organisasi. Metodologi adalah proses eksperimental yang inovatif, dan dirancang untuk meningkatkan inovasi dan performa bisnis.

Memanfaatkan wawasan, ide, dan imaginasi yang ada di organisasi,  metodologi  Lego® Serious Play® dapat meningkatkan kemampuan manusia untuk berimajinasi, dan menggambarkan serta memahami bisnis Anda untuk memulai perubahan, perbaikan, dan menciptakan sesuatu yang baru.


  • Metodologi  Lego® Serious Play® memfasilitasi teknik-teknik yang akan membuka potensi sub-conscious semua participant
  • Pada intinya, hal ini berkaitan dengan proses pemecahan masalah yang rumit dengan pemodelan menggunakan Lego®. Metafora dalam model Lego ini menjadi landasan diskusi, berbagi pengetahuan, pemecahan masalah, dan membantu proses berpikir kreatif untuk menemukan solusi-solusi unik.
  • Program training dengan Metode ini kami tawarkan kepada setiap perusahaan yang ingin meningkatkan performansi bisnis dengan menciptakan suasana kerja yang kreatif dan inovatif.
  • Program training Lego® Serious Play® ini hanya dilakukan oleh Trainer yang bersertifikasi internasional oleh Lego® group.
  • Metode ini berdasarkan teori yang sudah dikembangkan langsung oleh Lego® group
  • Semua pelatihan Lego® Serious Play® adalah proses bersama dan didesain untuk dilakukan dalam jumlah terbatas. Model ini dapat dikonfigurasi dengan berbagai cara untuk memenuhi kebutuhan Anda.
  • Pelatihan Lego® Serious Play® dibagi atas beberapa sesi untuk mendapatkan efektivitas proses pelatihan. Pelatihan ini bisa memakan waktu setengah hari, hingga 3 hari.
  • Organisasi menggunakan material dan metodologi Lego® Serious Play® untuk membuka penuh potensial karyawannya. Umumnya, pelatihan Lego® Serious Play® berfokus pada isu yang terjadi atau strategi pengembangan di masa mendatang.

Studi Kasus Material dan metodologi Lego® Serious Play® efektif digunakan ketika ada lebih dari 1 kemungkinan jawaban benar, dan ketika organisasi ingin memanfaatkan semua pengetahuan yang ada di dalam tim untuk menemukan kemungkinan-kemungkinan lain untuk memecahkan  masalah, dan maupun menemukan komitmen terkuat setiap individu di dalam organisasi.

Material dan metodologi Lego® Serious Play® efektif digunakan ketika:

  • subjek yang rumit dan beragam sehingga memerlukan ekplorasi untuk mendapatkan gambaran lebih besar dan menemukan hubungan dari pilihan solusi yang ada.
  • Memiliki kepentingan untuk mendapat keputusan di mana semua orang setuju dan memiliki kebanggaan atas keputusan walaupun tidak 100% setuju.
  • Menanyakan pertanyaan yang sama kepada seluruh partisipan dan mendapatkan jawaban yang beragam.
  • Setiap orang di organisasi memiliki kepentingan, karna setiap orang harus berpartisipasi dalam diskusi dan berkontribusi dengan pengetahuan dan pendapatnya
  • Untuk menaikkan tingkat pengetahuan tim dan mencegah frustrasi
  • Memerlukan cara baru untuk belajar mengenai pola berpikir baru
  • Memiliki individu yang mendominasi diskusi?, tenang saja, karna organisasi dapat mematahkan kebiasaan tersebut tanpa menyinggung siapapun dengan proses diskusi menggunakan Lego.
  • Menjadi kepentingan bagi tiap orang untuk berkontribusai menyuarakan perasaannya di dalam organisasi
  • Menginginkan diskusi dengan suasana yang menyenangkan, kreatif dan fun.

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